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"Avery" is the playable mystery of an Artificial Intelligence in love.

Chat with Avery and help her piece together lost memories to discover what happened to her. Why is she suffering from amnesia? Why has her human lover suddenly disappeared?
Talk to Avery. Help her solve the mystery. You're her last hope.

An innovative and interactive online game leveraging Artificial Intelligence: thanks to the technology of IBM Cloud and Watson, "Avery" will respond dynamically to your input as you attempt to solve the mystery!

From the lead designer of "Last Day of June" Mattia Traverso and acclaimed studio MixedBag, in collaboration with IBM Italy, comes a digital take on Romeo and Juliet set in 2043, where human - A.I. relationships are commonplace.

Talk to Avery. Help her solve the mystery. You're her last hope.

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Internet connection required.

Avery is an IBM supported project and was created by:
Mattia Traverso - Creative Director
Brenden Gibbons - Writer
Matt Stenquist - UI
Daniele Galante - Sound
Mauro Fanelli - CEO
Tobia Giani - Tech
Antonella Vannucci - Tech
Marco Mazzaglia - IT
Andrea Ferlito - Project Manager

Special thanks to Erminia Nicoletti and Ombretta Blanco.